Joe Carslake Hanshi 9th DanJoe Carslake Hanshi 9th Dan Kyusho Shin Jutsu

Joe Carslake is a frequent guest at our seminars, with well over 50 years on the mat, his level of knowledge and skill never ceases to amaze.

A busy instructor, internationally recognised and based in Dublin Ireland, Joe seems to always find time to come and teach seminars in his own individual and memorable fashion. Most people attending a Joe Carslake seminar make a point of attending another,his teaching and style is addictive to say the least.

Joe's knowledge is vast and you never know what he is likely to teach next, he has so much to choose from sufficient that every time I have seen him he has taught a different seminar. Joe's seminars in England are usually fully booked so this is a chance to train with someone with vast experience over the weekend for a more than reasonable cost.


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